Christopher White


President’s Message


It is hard to believe 2020 is already off and running. As we begin our mad dash into the next decade, I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude to the new members who have joined our HSMAI Board of Directors as well the stalwarts who continue with us.

These newly-minted professionals and seasoned individuals donate their time and effort, working tirelessly to bring you both educational programming and social networking opportunities that we hope help make a difference for you, our members, both professionally and personally in what you do.

The board of directors strives to keep up on the latest trends and information and in turn share that hard earned knowledge with you. Likewise, we are always grateful to hear from you, our constituents. When there are ideas, modalities or any manner of experience you would like us to delve into and bring to you, we are always at the ready to respond in whatever way we can.

We are a team in the real sense, all of us, traveling a path to better ourselves, and in turn improve the generational experiences of those we work with now and those new, we have yet to engage, as timing and opportunity are ever-lurking in the horizon. Working together, we will always be ready to rise to the occasion.

Warm Regards,

Christopher White


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