Christopher White


President’s Message


I want to begin this note by sharing I am both excited and humbled to be the president of the HSMAI Greater New York Chapter. I am grateful for and buoyed by our current board of directors; an eclectic, savvy and dedicated group of individuals. It all starts with one simple action; being in a room together sharing thoughts and ideas.

This year, taking membership feedback into consideration, we have decided to add a few new wrinkles in 2019. We plan to offer 6 education programs instead of usual 8 and to add a few more social events adding more focus on social networking opportunities.
The educational program’s team will strive to create more opportunity for audience interaction during our education programs. We encourage members to engage the presenters, ask questions, challenge the norm if you will-percolate. We do not want folks to ever leave a program thinking, “I wish I would have asked this question.”
At our monthly luncheons, we have moved up the charity raffle to take place prior to the program commencing. This will allow for more post program-networking opportunities to engage your peers and a little one-one time with the presenters.

We will also cross the East River to institute a new pilot program; we will hold the first-ever HSMAI educational/social program in Brooklyn. This is not meant to drive Manhattanites to Brooklyn though all are welcome, but to respectfully engage our outer-borough peers where they work and, in some cases, live. We believe the outer boroughs offer us a great opportunity for more growth and education. If this is as successful as we feel it can be, we will incorporate other boroughs in the future.
In February we will unveil a new mentorship program. We look forward to sharing the details with you, soon.

We ask you visit our website often…we will do our best to update relevant content and information. Follow us on and participate in our social media platforms. Look for them to be even more robust this year.

As always, please, feel free to approach any board member and share your thoughts and insights. If you feel there is something we can do better, let us know. When you feel we’ve hit the mark, we’d like to know that too. The more social discourse and information we share with each other, the more innovation we’ll have the opportunity to manifest. I will write here quarterly to share what’s new and upcoming along with my own observations.

In closing, in business as in life, nothing is nothing more important the personal contact. When you can, please join us in person at our education programs and social offerings.

Further, may I suggest you give some thought to the hundreds of contacts you have on your Linked-In and other social media accounts that you have never personally met, and think out of the box. Perhaps offer a program-invite to a contact from one of your social media platforms you have yet to meet in person. There is much to be said for making new acquaintances and growing your sphere of influence.

So, get out from behind your desk a few extra hours a month this year and join us. You will find there is a fair amount of enjoyment in us getting things done together. After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Christopher White



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