Message from the Chapter President: 

We, as an industry, are built on networking, meeting, sharing information, and the business of hospitality and travel.  Today, we are cognizant of the restraints and real loss the current challenge places on our industry, the people who make it go, as well as people in every walk of life across the globe.

As New Yorkers, although we dislike any constraints, we are hard-wired in common sense. We band together, face each day with a pioneer spirit and restless desire to dislodge every impediment that stands in our way and, in due time my friends, we will build the necessary roadways back to normal.

For now, we will follow the dictates of our health experts and local government officials whose job is less than easy and as important as these jobs have ever been. Do not be afraid to be overly cautious and without question, revel in being with your families. There is so much joy in that. Who knows what we may learn from each other, especially those we think we know so well?

There is no doubt our world is changing right before our eyes. I am aware as an industry, we do not save lives, but we do contribute in making the pathways to business that is essential to everyday success in very meaningful ways.

We will not be holding a March luncheon and I cannot say if we can return to meet in April, May, June or July. When the doors do open, I can assure you, we will be at the ready, to bring all of us together in the same room, with like-minded goals, important information and the grace of each other.

In closing, I leave you with one final thought. We are a community, not unlike many others throughout the world. If you need anything, no matter what it may be, feel free to reach out to us at the chapter level. We will do our utmost to respond in the best way possible.

For now, be smart, be safe and be well. We can’t wait to see you all again, soon, and just be downright hospitable.

Warm Regards,

Chis White, President,
and the HSMAI Greater New Chapter Board of Directors