Message from the Chapter President: 

Folks, I love my city, my New York. It is a living, breathing organism like no other. Today, as we do our best to hold Covid-19 at bay, we are engaging in revitalizing our city. I am blessed to know and interact with many eminently qualified and talented people in our industry. Some are relegated to the sidelines by this virus, straining at the bit to get back into the fray. Many of those who are currently in the field or working from home are facing the challenge of working with teams missing integral parts of their make-up. Trying to make something from little, and everything matters.

Still, Covid-19 is teaching us the value of time, of being still, of coming together, the incredible gifts and beauty of our life-partners and friends. The importance of calls we make and calls we receive. We endure the pain of loss while rediscovering the resilience of our spirit. We get to know ourselves better when the winds are raging, we get to better know our loved ones and comrades best when we need them most.

We take care of families and allow ourselves to be taken care of. We are volunteering, fine tuning skill sets, reinventing, exploring new roads and ideas. We understand that each of us can affect the other in more ways than ever before. We rely on each other. And we should. We, who live in one of the greatest cities in the word, have always been wired this way. New York is a blueprint for winning the war on the Covid-19 virus. Yes, we have our scuffles, but we do not self-destruct, we construct.

I know the resiliency of our city and our industry. And we are starting to percolate again. You can call it a subtle simmer. I feel the pulse of the city beginning to quicken. The streets are a little busier, the chatter is a little louder, hopes are a little higher. We still live in the land of opportunity and opportunity is not lost, it is simply on a brief hold and when the doors fully open there is not a place in this world I would rather be than in my city, my New York. There are a plethora of eminently qualified and talented people at the ready to do what we have always done, be the difference-makers we are. New York City- All In.

Warm Regards,

Chis White, President,
and the HSMAI Greater New Chapter Board of Directors