2016 President’s
Message for HSMAI

Consuela Hooblal, President GNY Chapter HSMAI





Greetings and welcome to the home stretch of 2016. 

After a summer – a real old-fashioned, hot NYC summer which included the Berkman Award Gala, a Summer Bash which showcased one of our new properties and the great mid-town skyline -  our chapter leadership team attended HSMAI Mike Leven Leadership Forum in early September.   As always, it was a gathering that provided a wealth of information and fostered an exchange of ideas and best practices that will guide us as we wind up this year and prepare for next year.

As we start the fourth quarter with a jolt of cold and rainy weather, we are all anticipating change on the national scene by way of the upcoming presidential election.  Change will come to our country and our city and state but one thing that will not change – NYC will continue to attract visitors from around the world and our industry will be ready to welcome them.

We have the programs to help you plan for that change (State of the Industry, October 27th), enhance your guests’ experience (Every Business Needs to Run Like a First Class Hotel, Anthony Melchiorri, November 15th) and replenish your hard-working souls (Industry Holiday Bash, Date TBA)

We will be asking for your input as we plan for next year.  In the coming weeks, look for outreach in the form of surveys, phone calls and e-mails so we can get your feedback on what works, what doesn’t.  As I pass the mantle of this wonderful association along to our President-Elect Lori O’Connell, we want to make sure we continue to offer programming and events that capture your interest, provide value to you and your organization and accommodate your schedule.  Please look for our outreach as we will look for your input.

Here’s to a dynamic and enjoyable Fourth Quarter!

Consuela D. Hooblal

Greater New York Chapter of HSMAI



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