History of Hospitality Sales and Marketing
Association International

In 1927, a demand for ethical practices, combined with a desire to raise the knowledge and status of hotel executives, led to the formation of the first International Conference on Hotel Business Promotion, held on September 24th in Chicago.

Over the next eight decades, through booms and busts, wars and technological advances, the association, which is known today as the Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International, continues to strive to elevate the profession and to help its members to improve their skills and advance their careers. The organization now boasts nearly 7,000 members in 35 countries around the world.

The Greater New York Chapter of HSMAI (formerly the “Big Apple” chapter) was founded in 1937 and has 500 members. With a strong focus on education, we seek to identify and communicate trends in the New York City hospitality industry as well as connect members to other members for their mutual benefit.

HSMAI, a global organization of sales, marketing, and revenue management professionals, represents all segments of hospitality.